ICT Training

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    At Mutanik technologies we have got the best trainers that have got all necessary knowledge to train you on latest technologies and tools. Our well-equipped team provides you with quality training on the new technologies on the market. Our classes can be grouped as follows ;

    Corporate organizations

    Our courses are directed to different organizations since they have got specific training needs. Our trainers can either train your employees from the organization premises or from our head quarters.


    We train students on all academic levels that is from primary to university. Our services are extended to those students that are interested in acquiring a specific computing skill. The amount to be paid depends on course duration since different students have got different levels of learning and skills


    Our trainers also provide specialized training services to individuals or groups of individuals who could be interested in filling a specific skills gap in their computing life.

    Some of our training areas

    • Introduction to ICT
    • Introduction to ICT Software
    • Introduction to ICT Hardware
    • Introduction to MS Office
    • Introduction to Computer Networking
    • Introduction to Network Security
    • Introduction to Web Technologies
    • Website Desigining(Html, css, bootstrap,WordPresss, etc)
    • Software Development (PhP, Python, Java, Java script, C, C++, etc)
    • Database Management Systems (Access, SQL, MySQL, etc)
    • Graphics Desigining
    • Internet Marketing
    • Android and IOS App Development
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